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Giving gifts show that you care. We can help you find the perfect gift for the ones you cherish in your life.

Our Products

Wooden Boxes


Hand crafted boxes from Poland. These boxes come in a beautiful array of designs and colors. We can also engrave the boxes as well.


Blenko Glass


Blenko Glass Company, from West Virginia, creates hand-blown glass products by skilled craftsmen in exquisite colors.




Greeting Cards


There’s something special about getting a greeting card! With card lines from Papyrus, Recycled, Borealis Press, Madison Park Greetings and Colette Papery, you’re sure to find that special card for that special person.





At OpenHaus, we offer a variety of products that will make amazing gifts for your loved one's. We also have the option of personalizing your gift with our engraving options.





We offer a variety of jewelery that one can wear on a variety of occasion.  We offer fine jewelry and we offer engraving on many of our accessories.



Gift wrapping


It's the little details that make a big difference. Let us help you assemble beautiful gift wrapping to create an astounding gift for someone you cherish.


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