Mechanical Engraving

An ideal engraving machine for Engraving Metal, brass plates, trophies.

Under Pressure

Our mechanical engraving machine uses 20 pounds of compressed air pressure and a diamond tipped stencil to engrave graphics and text onto metal. 

This machine engraves unique items such as metal trays, plates/plaques, award engraving, and so many more unique gifts.

Have a unique project? Contact us and we will see what we can do to make it unique!

Surface Engraving

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Cylindrical Engraving

We have the the capabilities to rotate objects such as stainless and color coated cups and so much more!

Laser Cutting

The Laser machines we have are capable of cutting wood (up to 1/2 inch), plastic, fabric, leather and paper products. 

Mechanical Engraving Pricing

Almost all individual laser jobs are $15-$20. We do not count words or characters, so let's get creative!

Surface engraved piece are engraved on a flat surface, such as cutting boards. Cylindrical pieces are items that engraved on a surface that has a diameter, such as cups.


Pricing may vary if there are materials involved (Such as plastic, brass, wood, or paint that is provided).  Also, depending on complexity of items (such as multiple areas of the items being engraved and item size) may vary the price. 


Contact us and we will help you make your idea unique. Need ideas? Check out the gallery below for inspiration from our previous projects.

Gallery of projects and cool ideas